Primary Factions

Wild Walkers

Dekari Ranger – Ranged

Agache Shaman – Support

Tenei Walker – Infantry

The Wild Walkers were simple elves living as hunter-gathers in the forests. Their gift was to shape rocks and trees into great buildings; cities rose as green towers in the deep woods. This act, called The Sharing, let an elf experience the wild, untamed energy of their totem animal.

Elves who Shared often, however risked having the spirit of the beast burst out like a violent flame and take control during moments of stress. In spite of that, some sought increasingly savage beasts in order to experience Sharings of greater intensity.

With individuals embracing the savagery of the animals and vanishing forever into the woods, the nation had to choose between the wild spirits of nature and the civilization of their towers. Troubled but determined, they forswore the Sharing, renamed themselves the Wild Walkers, and set out to build their towers away from their dark past.

Only time will tell if the Sharing still has its hold on their souls.

Broken Lords

Stalwarts – Infantry

Ryder – Cavalry

Dust Bishop – Support

The Broken Lords are a faction of knights and town-builders; an aristocratic society that believes in honor, virtue and justice. To succor the weak, to champion what is just, to root out evil wherever it may lurk – those are the ideals by which these noble warriors would live.

And yet, the Broken Lords are a crippled people that exist only as spirits wrapped in their great suits of Dust-enhanced armor. Other nations view them as monsters, for their race was fading when it discovered a deadly secret – that by consuming the life forces of a sentient being they could extend their own life span. This rite of consumption is, obviously, a betrayal of their principles and their history. The greatest hope of the Broken Lords, therefore is develop magic that will break this curse and allow them to live without destroying others.

Though the question remains, and haunts their thoughts: Even if they did find a cure, would they want to give up this powerful gift? Their codes and morality insist ‘yes’, but in their hearts it is much less clear…


Marine – Ranged

Dawn Officer – Cavalry

Titan – Infantry

This is a time of change for the Vaulters. For countless generations they lived as loosely-federated clans in the vast underground labyrinths that riddle Auriga. Their skills in mining and crafting made them comfortable, and their study of ancient artifacts slowly unlocked the secrets of their world’s past. Though their origins were lost in legends and myth, they had found peace and prosperity in the deep places of the planet.

Suddenly, now, the Vaulters have been forced to abandon those ancient halls. The Great Quake broke walls and ruined roads and bridges; as their towns crumbled around them they fled to the surface. Some turn for answers to the priests in the Church of the Great Orrery, others look to their leader, Zolya Ilona, First of the Bloodline. For a people deeply bound by tradition and unused to change, the surface of Auriga is a frightening place.

Torn between the secrets of the planet, their own traditions, and their need to survive, the Vaulters may struggle. But they will not fade, or surrender.


Forager – Infantry

Necrodrone – Flying

Proliferator – Support

The Necrophages are a scuttling monstrosity polluting the surface of Auriga; an insectoid menace that should be crushed under one’s heel like the mutated cockroaches that they are. Or so the Vaulters, the Wild Walkers, the Broken Lords and every other nation on the planet would have one believe.

Naturally, the Necrophages themselves don’t share this view – in fact, they hold very few views other than fight, feed and propagate. The Necrophages have found a niche in the environment that suits them very well: They will win by numbers; by elevating the colony over the individual; by constant war-fare. Something between a hive insect and an undead horde, they reproduce by laying eggs in the bodies of fallen enemies.

Occasionally the offspring even inherits elements of the host’s DNA accelerating their process of change and adaptation. Emotionless, relentless, and driven by their biology, the Necrophages do not waste time with diplomacy and commerce.

Ardent Mages

Telsem Warlock – Infantry

Ateshi Zealot – Ranged

Eneqa Wing – Flying

The Ardent Mages are a people who were born in struggle and pain, and these conditions dominate their day to day lives.

Though they control great powers, they pay a great price to do so. To manipulate the powers of Dust, an Ardent Mage must dissociate their mind from their body. For this they have developed elaborate pain rituals, for the more they are able to withstand the agony and ignore their physical discomfort, the deeper their relationship with Dust becomes. Pain has become a fundamental element of their society, to the point where children are taught from a young age to withstand it.

Stoicism is therefore as important as intelligence, and indifference to physical discomfort is the way in which an individual’s worth is measured – be they an Ardent Mage or a stranger.

After falling out with the rest of the Inner Circle in dark circumstances, Zor Abaz has annexed her clan from the greater Ardent Mage nation and struck out for new territory. The suffering must be great, even magnificent, if she is to prepare the Ardent Mages for the endtimes.

Roving Clans

Dervish – Cavalry

Kassai – Ranged

Yirmak – Infantry

Playing roads and sea lanes with skill and courage, they are ever on the lookout for new resources, new products, new markets, and new customers. Wherever the Clans pass, markets spring up, commerce blossoms, and the strange and wondrous goods from the many strange and wondrous peoples of Auriga are traded. The Roving Clans are so entwined in the business dealings of Auriga, that a tiny piece of every transaction somehow makes it into their coffers.

While their preference is for peace and trade, the Roving Clans should not be underestimated in war. With rapid, mounted units giving them an advantage in speed, they make difficult targets and frustrating enemies. Even their great cities can move, perched on the backs of giant Setseke scarabs — an exploit unmatched by another nation.

Patient, clever, and wily, the Roving Clans bring sophistication — and manipulation — to the peoples of Auriga.


Drakkenling – Infantry

Wyvern – Flying

Ancient – Support

Few in number but exceedingly powerful, they do not seek war but rather relationships, information, and knowledge. Faction histories, artifacts, and ruins are highly prized by the Drakken while wealth, military power, and advanced technology are viewed as insignificant.

Militarily they have limited numbers, and bring to battle very few but very powerful units.

The gradual onset of longer winters has not escaped the notice of this race who are more attuned to Auriga’s rhythms than all the rest.

Already they have struck out across the vast planet forging ties with all who share Auriga’s lands. They understand well that even if the cataclysm comes again, their first duty is to preserve what the Endless left behind, so that one day, maybe in a hundred years, maybe in a hundred thousand, their great teachers’ creations will still endure.


Preacher – Support

Fanatic – Cavalry

Nameless Guard – Ranged

This mysterious cult is led by two creations that are the remnants of the Endless: The Queen, imprisoned within her indestructible throne in the capital city, and the Unspoken, a wandering – and perhaps insane – being of enormous power.

Left alone on the planet for millennia, they have turned against their creators and sworn to destroy every trace of their existence.

The Cult maintains a single city where the Queen is entombed in her indestructible throne. Its power, therefore, is projected across Auriga through proselytization and conversion, when the faithful followers and heroes of the Cult convince other, lesser peoples to join their cause.

The Cultists then recruit, train, and arm these converts from the tribes and vagrants that live scattered across the surface of Auriga. Regardless of where they are of to whom they have previously sworn allegiance, when a tribe turns to the Cult it does so until its death.

Monolithic, fanatic, and ever-expanding, the Cult of the Eternal End will spare no effort, cost, or sacrifice to see that its will is done.

Minor Factions


Centaur – Cavalry

The Bos are centaurs, modeled along the lines of the Huns and the armies of Attila. They are warriors, nomads, and relatively uneducated. They are large beasts that are poorly-adapted to cold climates. Nonetheless, they can be found anywhere across Auriga.


Drider – Support

The Ceratan are arachnoid centaurs; giant spider ticks with human torsos. They are a subterranean people, so tend to have white hair and pale skin. They prefer feed on anything warm-blooded, but can survive on cold-blooded beasts or even other insectoid.


Dredge – Infantry

The Delvers have their origins in humanoids that were trapped deep underground after an earlier cataclysm. They fought their way back up to the light, an effort of decades that made them skilled miners, tunnelers, and explorers.


Vinesnake – Infantry Demi-Gods

Large and formidable multi-headed hydra. They have hands with claws capable of manipulating tools, but tend to fight with their large, fearsome jaws and teeth


Ended – Flying

An echo or ‘ghost’ effect of the Virtual bombings, this faction are the partially intelligent remnants of Virtual Endless, typically found in ruins.

Sisters of Mercy

Justicere – Support Demi-Gods

A group of warrior clerics sworn to acts of mercy. Mercy could be either healing the wounded, or beheading those who do evil.


Harmonite – Infantry

Slow-moving elementals, heavily affected by Dust. The Silics guard the great underground farms where crystal is grown and nutured; promising ones are blessed with intelligence and life.


Rumbler – Infantry

These are giant and powerful ogres, simple-minded but humble and withdrawn. Their size and style shows that they are heavy laborers / pit diggers.


Daemon – Flying Demi-Gods

The Kazanji generate energy not from food but from fire. They live in cold, dry, relatively barren areas. Their form is defined by a very dense and resistant skeleton, around which energies of fire and Dust coalesce.


Minotaur – Cavalry Demi-Gods

These large, slow-moving herbivores retain some vestiges of their less intelligent ancestors. Though they are often on four legs for eating and resting, they rise up on two for observation or using tools.


Orc – Ranged

These are itinerant tribes that follow herds and crops according to the seasons. Skilled foragers accustomed to living off the land, they are well known for their belligerence and their skill with the bow.


Arpuja – Flying

Though bird-like in their appearance, the Nidya are closer to humanoid than one might think. The young are birthed, not hatched, and like other advanced peoples their habitats are carefully chosen for defense, foraging, and observation.


Tetike – Ranged Demi-Gods

The ancestors of this faction were bred for blood sports and as watch beasts. The beasts have rudimentary intelligence and great ferocity; their clans are held together more by fear and strength than by more sophisticated social bonds.


Ice Warg – Cavalry

The origins of this species are found in a pack of wolves that were driven into inhospitably high tundra after losing a series of fights with the Drakken. Infected by Dust, their new form has rendered them indifferent to the coldest environments and seasons.

Eyeless Ones

Caecator – Support Demi-Gods

Blind, and focused more on what cannot be seen than what can be easily seen, the Eyeless Ones care little for appearances. Their villages reflect this fact, being simple mud huts with minimal decoration.


Burdeki – Cavalry

Banished after a series of feuds, these Roving Clan families left the life of their caravans and cities, exchanging the luxuries of merchants for the hardships of warriors. The Clans secrets of beast control were used to master the great Burdemek lizards, turning the Dorgeshi into a fearsome heavy cavalry.


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